Dear Heavenly Father,

I praise your Holy and awesome name. I pray that while I am here on earth, there would be an angel in Heaven, constantly setting my praises before you. Let them be like a candle that never burns out, or incense that is pleasant to your nose. Perhaps you would prefer the smell of a smokey BBQ? I remember reading once that you love the smell of burning fat on the altar. The bitter spices meld with the meat of the Lamb and then the fat burns and, I imagine, you share our fascination with the BBQ.

Praise your Holy Name, Lord God, from the rising of the sun to the setting of the sun. When the day is new, cold and fresh as a pair of underpants in my top drawer, I’ll praise your mighty Name. When the sun is high and I’m craving chips and gravy or KFC, I’ll praise your kind name. When the shadows are stretching and the mince has thawed, I’ll lift up my voice to you. My God, My King, Lord of Heaven and Earth. I am grateful for your presence in my life. Overjoyed, that you found me as such a young child. What a joy that you’ve been with me all along. But it is more joy to know you as my friend. It is a joy to know you and trust you and think about who you really are. I admit, I have much to learn. There are many books, chapters and verses of my Bible that remain unread,… but the ones I have read just keep on giving. Their meaning is deep, hidden in the depth of the Holy Spirit’s revelations, coloured by the events of life, pushed deeper into the soil of my soul by faith.

Lord God, I would like to climb up and sit on your lap. I was hoping you would let me sit there. Perhaps I’ll get a chance for a cuddle and to lick your nose. I’ll crawl and jump and eventually, with a little help, I’ll make it onto your lap. I love you, My King, Prince of Earth, King of Heaven, Almighty Counsellor, Lord of Lords. From 6:30am to 11:59pm I will praise you. In the dreamscapes of the night I will shout your name. You are always on my mind. You are always in my heart. Before you, Oh Lord, I bow. To you alone do I lift up my heart. You are my treasure.

Amen & Hallelujah.