“Grace is that most marvelous, multifaceted gemstone that sparkles, glitters, and radiates the love of God in our lives. Grace — the favor of God by which He blesses sinful human beings — is given according to the measure of Christ’s gift (the measure of infinite love for undeserving people).”

From WordTruth.com’s online sermon “God’s Church is Growing Up“.

I think about this every single time I say my daughter’s name. She might have an “ey” on the end from time to time,…. I am Australian, after all, but it is still Grace that I say a hundred times a day. God showed us great favour. I feel like one of the most blessed women in the world because He heard my cry, He gave me a precious promise to hold on to and then He worked miracles and tip-toed a fine line between life and death to bless us with Grace.

I feel sorry for people who say there is no God because I have looked Jesus in the face as he lifted me up off the doctor’s table. I remember thinking that I wasn’t scared at all, but I probably should be.

Duh! Who’d be scared when Jesus is beside you reminding you to hold on.

Sparkling, glittering, multi-faceted indeed,….