I’ve been reflecting on my past, trying to establish where all this damn PCOS started and why. I’ve been trying to build a bridge and get over it. Somehow it’s not that easy. It would be easier to have someone lop off my head and replace it with a prettier more intelligent one. Anyway, it was nice to read the ramblings at bless the mess. because they reminded me of my then – age 20 – and my now – age 36 and in chaos. It reminds me, too, that Christianity doesn’t have to be coated with cheese. (Following on from that, Chris Goins blog is interesting too – but far more preachy.)

I’m starting the Daniel Fast tomorrow. I can not wait any longer. My health is failing and I need something of a miracle to help me through. There are several versions, a 10 day one, a 21 day one, a 40 day one. My last attempt lasted 5 days but had a significant impact on my health. Please pray for me as I embark on a very important 10 day version.