The first day of my fast was harder than anticipated. The problem? Coffee. My body is used to having around three heavy coffees a day, and one or two decafs. I was planning to fast coffee as well as part of the Daniel Fast.

By lunch time I had one heck of a headache and was really churned up inside about the issue of coffee and this fast. I’ve done two Daniel Fasts previously and I did one each way. My rationale for keeping the coffee in was that I failed the first fast and fell apart after six days. I didn’t want coffee cravings to be the reason for failing the entire fast and then beating myself up for it. After all, this is not a diet it is a spiritual endeavour.

So I’ve spent the entire day feeling a bit confused about what to do and how to cope with the headaches and cravings. My decision is this – I will drink a couple of coffees tomorrow because I’ll be at work and the last thing I need while working is a headache. On Wednesday, though, I’ll cut the coffees out and allow myself to detoxify. After all, isn’t that the point of the fast? The headaches should be all gone by the time I have to work again.

Maybe coffee is one thing that would be good to give up completely as a result of this fast???? Herbal tea eg. peppermint tea has a lot fewer nasty side effects.

I spent some time in prayer today and even marvelled when God gave me an instant answer to a little request for help. All those headaches today prompted prayers that would not normally get prayed. I know that God is faithful and the other things I’m fasting and praying for will be high up on God’s to do list this month.