Forgot to mention here the aching pains I got in my legs around days 7 – 9 of the fast. They were enough to keep me awake at night. I assume it was my body detoxing. Perhaps it was to do with the caffeine.

I am completely off caffeine now, which feels great. I will allow myself the odd social coffee with friends, but I’m not going to drink it at home or on my own. I’ll stick to herbal teas at those times. I don’t want to subject my body to the rigours of daily caffeine use, when it becomes so dependent on it. I was a regular 3 cup a day drinker with 2 decafs in the later part of the day. I would get a headache if I missed my morning coffee, but missing others would just make me grumpy. Now, I’m fine without it and if I get offered one, I don’t particularly want it.

Along similar lines, I used to be quite addicted to Coke Zero too. I don’t even want one. I’d rather drink water or juice. I’m not missing it. That is saving me quite a bit of money.