I got a revelation this morning after reading Luke 8:40 – 9:6 and I have to share it with you.

The first section is the story of the woman with the issue of blood, together with Jairus’ daughter. The second section is where Jesus sends out the twelve disciples in pairs to minister.

Both stories were swishing about in my spirit this morning as I did the grocery shopping. I guess it took a while to process, along with a few leaps of spiritual logic (ie. revelation) before understanding arrived.

First thinking about the disciples being sent out like little mini Jesus’ all around the country side. I remembered reading in one of the gospels how Jesus rejoiced with them upon their return. They had done as He had done – miracles, healing the sick, living by faith with no money, no spare shirt. ‘Wow,’ I thought, ‘such faith!’

Right beside that story in my Bible is the story of the woman with the issue of blood . While reading, I was impacted by her strong faith and the instant reward Jesus gave her. Immediately upon her act of faith, he called her ‘Daughter’. She was now a child of God.

My next revelation was that she was immediately used by Jesus to help build Jairus’ faith through her testimony. No waiting around to do a training course at Church. As she trembled before Jesus and shared a thoroughly embarrassing and painfully honest account of her life, Jairus would have been standing nearby. No doubt, wishing Jesus would hurry up and get to his daughter’s bedside.

Jesus knew Jairus was struggling with fear. “Don’t be afraid; just believe and she will be well,” He told Jairus in Luke 8:50.

I realised as I reflected on all of this that I have some parts of Jesus’ life in me. I find it easy to have grace and forgive (mostly!). I find mercy and compassion fairly easy. Didn’t Jesus extend grace to people? Didn’t he show mercy and compassion? And then it clicks in my spirit, Jesus has given me every aspect of His life. Not just the grace and mercy!

Just as he sent the disciples out to heal and minister, He sends me out. He died so I could have a life just like his. Whatever He did, I can do too in Jesus’ name. That means heal the sick, that means speak the truth in love, that means call the pharisees of this world to account, that means live a life not worrying about money, a life of miraculous provision of food and fellowship, a life of love for His father’s house.

That’s all mine. That’s all for me and it happened the moment I took a step of scandalous faith towards the Lord and caught a hold of the end of his jacket. Whatever I see Jesus doing in the Bible, I can do too in Jesus name. Did you realise that’s what He gave you?