I had a comment posted on my blog asking why I didn’t post any more reviews of my PGX experience. I guess it’s just a matter of being a busy mum with not enough hours in the day to get around to fun stuff like blogging. That said, I thought I’d give you a quick overview of 12 months of taking this supplement because it’s quite astounding.

After a bumpy first few weeks, my body quickly adjusted to the PGX. I took about 6 weeks to work my way up to the clinically significant dose of 4 tablets per meal. I tested occasionally with my glucometer and can tell you they do significantly drop the sugar levels of the food you eat 5 – 30 minutes after your dose.

Constipation is an issue with these tablets, even though they are a huge dose of fibre. Go figure! It’s important to continue to eat plenty of fruit and things that move through your bowel and break up the bulky stools created by PGX.

I took this supplement as I thought it might help my PCOS. The first thing I noticed in that regard was that my cycle regularity was restored. From a random 60-ish day cycle, I quickly went down to a 30-35 day cycle. The second thing I noticed was that I lost weight from my waistline, despite not changing my diet at all.

After a few months, I began to find the large amount of water required to drink with each meal was burdensome. I decided to cut down to two tablets per meal, which meant I only had to drink about 250-500ml of water with each meal. I knew it wasn’t a clinically significant dose but it still seemed to help and I didn’t gain any weight back.

But, the most surprising thing happened when I had to visit my gyno for a transvaginal ultrasound. We discovered that in the twelve months since I had been taking PGX, with no other major changes, my left ovary had halved in size and was much smoother in appearance. This was pretty astounding as there were no other real changes in my lifestyle or diet.

I recently stopped taking PGX because I was taking Metformin in preparation for pregnancy and having two medications that are both rough on the gastro-intestinal tract was just too much for me. I would argue that PGX is at least as effective as Metformin in managing blood sugars. I’m sure it helped my body prepare for what is now a natural pregnancy. I do wonder if I’d actually be pregnant at all if I hadn’t taken PGX at clinically significant doses for almost a year.

If you’ve got PCOS, I reckon PGX is worth trying.