On 16 March this year, I wrote about IVF and how I was waiting. It was early in the morning and I was restless waiting for my period to arrive so I could begin IVF injections. I even did a pregnancy test that day just in case. I thought maybe that might be the reason my period had not arrived. The reality is, though, that for women with PCOS a late period is as normal as breathing. I should not have been stressed on that day, but I had been hoping to start my IVF and get one step closer to motherhood.

In the preceeding weeks we did a lot of preparation for IVF. There were ultrasound scans and blood tests. Dr B also put me on metformin tablets to prevent the likelihood of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS) occurring again. One of the known side effects of metformin is ovulation, so it’s a great drug to take when doing IVF.

I took metformin for several years between 1999 and 2004. While I don’t know if I actually ovulated at the time, I recognised it this year as soon as I began to take metformin. In conjunction with taking metformin, I began to walk my daughter to and from school every day which was a total of 90 minutes a day. I felt great as a result of those two things. Not only was I ovulating naturally, but weight was falling off my waistline with little effort on my part. The walk to and from school, despite my daughter’s whinging, was a pleasant experience and kept me well away from the stress of the traffic jam in the main street and the nightmare parking around her school.

Around that time, a time when our Church usually fasts for three weeks, they decided to hold a day of prayer instead. The day of prayer was that very day, March 16. It was also our 15th Wedding Anniversary and the day I was due to start IVF medication – provided my period started.

I went to that day of prayer knowing something special was going to happen. I knew God had plans for me, for that day. I prayed all day at Church. I prayed for several hours at least. Each hour of the prayer vigil was devoted to a different topic – marriages / families, healing, salvation etc.

By 12:30pm I was tired and hungry. I thought it might be time for me to go home. I walked out to the foyer and a schedule of prayer topics was on the big screen.

“1pm,” it said. “Miracles”.

I had a toilet break and headed straight back in. I knew that was why I was at this day of prayer. This hour was to impart a miracle in my body. I knew there were fath-filled women praying for my IVF. I had heard them pray that I wouldn’t even need it.

In the hour after 1pm, ten, maybe twelve, people joined with me praying for a miracle. I stood at the altar and lifted my hands and my heart to God. I knew He heard me. I knew He heard everyone that gathered with me that day.

In the evening we went out to dinner at a fabulous restaurant near our home. I had a lovely pork chop and experienced the most disconcerting indigestion afterwards. It was disconcerting because it was a very unique indigestion I’ve only ever experienced once before in my life and that was during my first trimester of pregnancy with my daughter. The sensation felt like trying to swallow food through a sieve. Everything just went down incredibly slowly and caused me great discomfort.

My period was due that week. When it arrived, I was supposed to begin IVF injections. I waited restlessly that entire week. I shouldn’t have been restless because women with PCOS have notoriously irregular periods. Staff at the IVF clinic knew this. They were happy to wait until the following week to begin injections. They were not in a rush. I was.

By mid-day Friday, I was restless. Wednesday evening’s indigestion stayed with me. By 3pm Friday, it occured to me that I ought to do a pregnancy test. I did and the pregnancy test result line was as feint as you’ve ever seen. The paper work said that no matter how feint it was, it was still positive. I sent my husband a rather cryptic text congratulating him on becoming a dad again. It didn’t quite make sense and he rang me and said “Huh? I don’t get it.” I explained to him how restless I had been and that I got fed up and I did a pregnancy test and it was positive.

I was overwhelmed with a mixture of joy and relief. Joy for this miracle baby I was expecting and relief that I didn’t have to face my old adversary – IVF – again. I marvelled at how quickly we had become pregnant. So this is how normal people feel!