Out of curiosity today, I googled “PCOS Blog” and had a look around. Boy oh boy, what a depressing place that is! There’s none of the deliciousness of foodie blogs, none of the hope or joy of mummy (mommy) blogs and none of the inspiration of crafty blogs. In fact, what I found  was a whole lot of blogs that focused on what people were missing out on. They were full of grief and longing and it socked me in the guts. What a sad place to be!

It hurt because I realised that it was my life too. I have spent 25 years living in that sad sad place. It is no surprise that women who blog about PCOS are full of grief and longing. They’re grieving for lost femininity, lost waistlines, lost fertility. Some women with PCOS never had them in the first place.

In quiet moments I’ve even rationalised about why PCOS is so devastating. I think it’s because the symptoms keep hitting you in the eye day after day, month after month. You deal with the hair one day and its back again the next. You deal with the period pain once and it’s back again in [insert erratic timeframe here]. For some it’s back in a few days, for some a month, for others it never goes away. Some medical conditions give you a break, some remission. PCOS never does, so the grief and pain is continuous.

I would encourage all you grieving women to lift up your eyes. Look up! Take your eyes off the problem and look up to Heaven and see Jesus. He is passing by with the power to heal – just like He did the woman with the issue of blood (Matt 9:18-24). He loved her. He called her ‘daughter’. He was so gentle with her,… but He also reminded her that it was her step of faith that made her well. He just showed up – she was the one who stepped out.

Step out, daughter. PCOS is not forever.