While I was reading PCOS blogs recently, I came across a PCOS documentary called Scrambled. It sounds like an amazing and insightful film.

Film maker Randi Cecchine goes into detail in her blog about the process of making the film. It has been a long and arduous process. I related to that journey. My book about PCOS has been through a long and winding road. It is getting a whole lot closer to publication, though.

I also loved her blog entries about her relationship with food and her longing for carbs. She sounds like she has made the supreme sacrifice regarding food. She has virtually given up carbohydrates in order to manage her PCOS. While it might have helped her insulin resistance, she still longs for them sometimes. Randi has made the sacrifice that, to date, I have not been able to make. I’m too close to carbohydrates, I’m too attached to them. Perhaps one day soon I’ll be able to leave carbohydrates behind and find pleasure in something far more healthy.