This little guy finally arrived on 10 November,…. but gee, what a journey. After a harrowing pregnancy of hormone supplements and insulin dependence, I was confronted with a 24 hour period of steroids and insulin ‘management’ before a planned c-section. It was a sleepless night of glucose tests, drips in both arms and continual blood pressure monitoring. Add to that, a number of sessions monitoring bub and I was one tired mummy as they wheeled me into theatre at 8:00am on Thursday, 10 November.

After all the standard preparations in theatre, little Jacob arrived fairly quickly. I am still in awe of the miracle I have experienced. Jacob is a beautiful little boy and his temperament seems quite laid back and happy. He is a super snuggly baby – when I hold him close he just seems to want to snuggle his cheek up against me and it is so nice.

You’ll notice in the photo that he has a large ‘thing’ strapped to his hand. This is because Jacob was placed on a drip soon after birth because his blood sugars were so low that they failed to register on a glucometer. This meant that Jacob needed glucose through a drip to ensure his sugars increased. This drama was probably caused by a slight mismanagement of my sugar levels during the sleepless night before the c-section. For several hours early in the morning, midwives allowed the dextrose in my drip to push my sugars well above 8 mmol. This meant that Jacob’s pancreas had to work extra hard to metabolise the sugars working their way across the placenta. Consequently, he was born with his placenta working extra hard and no sugar in his own blood. A combination of the drip, a large store of expressed colostrum, and feeding via a gavage tube meant that Jacob eventually bounced back and his body regulated his own sugars. It was scary and frustrating for me, though, because it should not have happened. The midwifGrace and Jacobe should have had some clue about appropriate blood sugar levels in pregnancy, but then again, the physician responsible should have given her some tighter guidelines too.

Jacob’s big sister, Gracey, is super proud of him.