I’ve been thinking about doing some scrapbooking lately because I’ve got lots of beautiful photos of my kids to take care of. I want to present them in a beautiful way but I’m conscious that a lot of scrapbooking incredibly cheesey. In my recent internet travels I’ve come across a few sites that have some innovative designs and don’t limit themselves to the sugary stuff that comes in a kit from the craft store. I’ll share some of them in this post.

One of my key gripes with scrapbooking is the thing they call ‘journalling’. I would say that it is a huge stretch to call the sappy little one liners scrappers stick in their layouts ‘journaling’. More accurately, they’re captions or sentiments. I’m a writer, anything I scrap is going to share the same depth of emotion I put into my writing. I am sure there will be pages with large blocks of text in them. That’s how I want it.

blah. Just lost a whole paragraph of text because this is being typed on a subnote and occasionally the inside of my thumbs knocks the mouse / stylus area and selects everything. With the next keystroke all is deleted and there is no undo function. Frustrating. We’ll try again.

Swiss Girl Designs – subtle and elegant, very artistic

Better Scrapbooking (NZ) – classic scrapping but a really excellent example of it – especially Jennie’s work.

Follow the Paper Trail (Blog) – Laura Dennison is an ex-architect and it shows in the style of work she does, her constructions and bindings are amazing. See also her online store: Follow the Paper Trail with Laura (Online store)