My Left Ovary
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome causes a shell to be formed around the ovary that stops ovulation. It is also responsible for impaired glucose tolerance.

I have been privileged to see miracles in my life,… if I had been healthy or whole I would not have had to depend on God for a miracle. If I had not needed to lean on God, I would not know Him so well.

Here’s a revelation – Helping / needing each other is one way we get to know each other.

Have you noticed that if you’re self-sufficient and fine, you’re on your own? You don’t get to know those around you. When you have a need, you get to know people around you. Not just their generosity, but who they are, what they like. You interact.

I noticed it recently when I crashed my car. The kids and I were forced to walk to school and back every day. That was fine, quite fun actually. But we had one of the rainiest summers on record and it upset me to have to walk the kids to school in the pouring rain. When other mums at school discovered my predicament, they began to offer us lifts. I accepted the occasional ride to school and I got to know these people – who they were, where they lived, what they did, what they liked, the radio station they listened to. I learned things about them. I would not have known them nearly so well if I did not have a need. Now I have some new friends.

It is no secret to God that having a need forces us to open up to Him. Having a need challenges us to rely on God and what happens?


I consider it a privilege to have struggled with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) since childhood because God and I have become the best of friends as a result. I know Him. He is reliable. He has given me a miraculous husband when I was a sworn hermit and not going near men! He gave me a precious gift of a daughter when I was infertile. He gave me a naturally conceived son when IVF had failed several times.

I hold on to God because I know Him and love Him. I hold onto Him because there are other needs in my life. Those needs might bother me – but like Paul with his thorn in the flesh, I understand the blessings that come from need. Hebrews 11:6 says God rewards those who dilligently seek Him. If I didn’t need Him, I probably wouldn’t be so dilligent in seeking Him.

If you need God, if you rely on Him, if you depend on Him, you will find a precious reward worth more than this world can offer. You will get to know who God is.