The Darling Buds of Mavis
Gatefold photo folio “The Darling Buds of Mavis”

Before I take off on holidays, I just wanted to share one cute crafty project I completed just in time for Christmas. It was a labour of love, really. I made it using foam core board and, frankly, I wouldn’t bother with that stuff again. It kept falling apart and was a pain to work with. I was happy with the design and the way everything turned out, but if I did it again I would use something like heavy cardboard (aka chipboard) as the base.

As for this folio, the inside features a whole collection of special photos and an interactive tag / pocket set-up on the right hand side. Scrapbookers will be familiar with this technique. It just creates space to include a few more photos in a project and I used it to good effect by making it into a game of peekaboo – all the more poignant because it features a photo of a newborn baby Jacob (less than 2 minutes old) peeking out from the blanket the midwife wrapped around him.

Photo folio interior
Photo folio interior

For the crafters who are wondering what products are in this, they’re mostly Grace Taylor papers from the Vintage pack. The paper flowers at the top come from K-Mart but the leaves are real touch rose leaves left over from my floristry work. Teesha Moore fans will recognise her influence in the text on the front. I am loving her work at the moment,… for now, until I fall in love with something else.

Hope it inspires you to make something cute for someone’s dressing table this Christmas.



This really was a labour of love and took me far too long to pull together. I’m sure the next one will be easier with all the problems solved.