Recently, I’ve been buried up to my eyeballs in study. I am only a couple of assignments away from completion… I am drooling at the tantalising prospect of getting my life back.

One of the very very first art projects I am itching to get my gluey little fingers on is some assemblage. I have a couple of ideas, sketches, even a trove of found objects I’m hoarding, just waiting for the day when I will be allowed to have some time to be crafty.

In the meantime, the occasional click around the interweb is keeping me happy. I wanted to share with you today some of my highlights from the world of assemblage. Firstly, though, let me share my opinions – I’m not actually a fan of the creepy dismembered doll variety. Nor am I a fan of the wierd shrines. I do love the dismembered text, or machines that have been repurposed into amazing phantasmagorical machines, but skip the creepy dolls. I love shadow boxes and printers trays. I want to try drowning some found objects in Liquitex Pouring Medium and seeing what happens.

La Wilson does some stuff that inspires me. So does Patricia Chapman. I love the wit and humour in her pieces, and she does beautiful work. The kind I want to put on my wall.

I wanted to share a few handy sites here in the world of assemblage.

Cloth Paper Scissors – A mixed media community

Craft Online – Handy source for everything, including shadow boxes and printers trays

Altered Bits – Cool site with assemblage and collage info

Teesha Moore – Teesha’s a little bit creepy doll for me, and she’s more of a collage artist but she does it in such a pretty way!

Shaving Kit
“Shaving Kit” Assemblage Art by Liz Cohn on