Everything I am doing this week has a common theme – Christmas. More than that, though, my heart is to share with those around me the good news of Christmas. Jesus came, He loved, He conquered sin. I opened my heart to Jesus when I was 8, but I was deeply touched by his love as a teenager when I muddled through the pain and confusion of PCOS and puberty. Every night I flipped the Bible open at some random place, not knowing what to expect. What I found was a conversation with a loving caring Saviour. He knew what I was going through and responded, daily, to my pain, my prayer, and my confusion.


Given that I am now in my 40s and have muddled through life, IVF, and motherhood with His help, Jesus is still my constant obsession. O. B. S. E. S. S. E. D. Absolutely, completely and totally. It goes without saying then, that this week, Jesus’ Birthday is my obsession.

This week I have been a volunteer at the Sunshine Coast Christmas Lights at Lifepointe Baptist Church where we basically give a gift of fun to the community. There are a couple of opportunities for people to hear more about who Jesus is and to hear the true meaning of Christmas. The rest of the event is just sharing the joy and fun of Christmas with everyone.

Later in the week I’m enjoying time with my kids, husband, father and extended family. We have bought and wrapped presents. We’ve decorated, enjoyed, demolished and eaten a gingerbread house (see my Instagram feed for that one). In the next few days I’ll be giving gifts to friends and colleagues, and I’ll be cleaning and cooking ready for a party on Christmas Eve.

There is no fireplace in my house. There is no snow outside. There is an inflatable pool. The weather is hot. There will be family and swimming and sunshine. Forget hot food – there will be christmas crackers and music and salad and ham and icy cold drinks. That’s my Christmas plan.