When we were all struck by the sadness of losing George Michael on Christmas Day, a friend of mine reminded me that he was the first one to ride in UK Comedian James Corden’s car and make us all laugh. It started my weekly obsession and I’m so glad it did.

James Corden has a gift for getting celebrities to ‘fess up inside the car in ways they never otherwise would. While Elton John shared his wisdom, Justin Beiber and Madonna gave fashion advice. Selena Gomez’ journey just looked like a poorly placed ad, but some of the trips are just fabulous. Bruno Mars makes anything sexy, even girdles.

If you like to sing along with the radio in the car like I do, you’ll appreciate these videos. My son and I are the ones fully cutting loose at the traffic lights. Feel free to join us.

I’m sharing one with you that you might not expect to be as fun as it is. It’s part 1 of a 3 part journey (over time) with Justin Bieber. Bet you didn’t know that Justin Bieber can solve a Rubiks Cube in 2 minutes. I loved seeing their friendship develop too.