Take courage with you, kid.

It’s no use left on the kitchen bench.

You might be looking for it

In the schoolyard fray

Or during a maths quiz.

Take it with you.

You’ll need it.


Take a double dose of courage,

Morning and night, and in between as needed.

Make sure you get a daily dose.

Fill every cell and organ with it.

Pump it through your veins.

You’ll need it.

All day long.


Take courage off that bully at the bus stop.

I don’t care if you steal it.

He stole enough from you, girl.

Don’t let him keep your courage.

Don’t let the thought of him steal your fight.

Take it back, with force if you have to.

You’ll need it.


When you can stand up and sing your fight song

In the face of the one who stole the most from you

To look at his matted hair and his bloodshot eyes,

and say “You’re forgiven, I’m moving on”

You’ll have enough courage

For today.

You’ll need it.