I wanted to share one of my Faith Journal entries with you today. My faith journal is a little bit (or a lot) like an art journal, but it’s a place where I reflect on my faith, meditate on scripture and in a visual artsy-kinda way I pour my heart out to God. It’s a quiet space for me to process life.

In today’s post, there is a tip-in at the top that says “My Kaddish”. Psalm 103 is my kaddish. When I lost my mother suddenly in early 2016, I read Psalm 103 repeatedly in the way that Jewish people regularly pray a Kaddish. It soothed me. It reminded me of the greatness of God in the midst of grave disappointment. It has become my ritual in remembering the death of my mother and remembering that she now stands before the throne of heaven and worships the God of all gods.

Stay tuned for more Faith Journal entries.