More about my Kaddish,… I’m still reflecting on the amazing God of Psalm 103 in my art journal. Here is what I wrote as a message to myself on the flip side. It is in the second person so maybe it will speak to you too.

“Psalm 103 is good news written to remind you of the absolute goodness of God. Let it soak over you. Let it remind you to praise the Lord when steeped in sin and disease.

Why? This is the will of God. To praise Him in the tough places when it’s hard to understand. When you can’t understand or see your way through, you rely on your knowledge of who God is.

What is God’s nature?

Do you know?

Can you trust him with your life? With your first born? With eternity?

Psalm 103 reminds you that you can lean on Him.”

Praise the Lord O My Soul.
This was the interior side of the tip in on the right hand side of the page.
He forgives ALL my sins and heals ALL my diseases
Full page from my art journal, tip in folds in on the right hand side.