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Bright & Cheery - Flowers drawn for a friend.

I adore art and have been making it in various ways since childhood. As a former florist, it is the colour and form of flowers that attract us – even if flowers only live a day or three. Lately I’ve been drawing and dabbling with a variety of mediums including pastels, watercolour, pencils, acrylics and wire.

I decided to use my art for the greater good and wrote a little book called “The Little Book of Salvation”. The term ‘wrote’ is used very loosely, given the entire book is about 7 or 8 sentences long. It features 7 line-art images along with a collection of Bible verses that explain to all of us the wonderful gift of salvation. I am working on a full-colour version of it, but I am completely reworking each of the images, rather than just painting the original drawings. I feel like my art skills are improving, so why not improve my special little book? You can download the book as a pocketmod (1 page pdf with folding instructions) at Do it. Share it. Enjoy it.

Some day soon, I’ll finish the colour version of “The Little Book of Salvation” for you. Stay tuned.

As for my other works of art, here are a few pieces I have done recently:

Bright & Cheery - Flowers drawn for a friend.
Bright and Cheery – Flowers drawn for a friend. (Pencil, watercolour and ink)
A Gekko on a riverbed (Acrylic and ink)
Our Tropical Adventure
A turtle we saw on our trip to the Great Barrier Reef (Watercolour, ink and white gel pen)
3D Pop Up Card
3D Pop Up Card created for a friend who got admitted to the Bar (Pencil, sharpie and metallic pen on cardstock and watercolour paper)

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